Top 5 Batting Gloves Featured – Today’s Baseball Buying Guide


A key part of being comfortable at the plate is having the right batting gloves. These Top 5¬†Batting gloves are¬† important pieces of equipment and should provide a solid relationship between your grip and the bat. Don’t skimp here. Many cheaper batting gloves can rip or tear. They also are often thicker, which can lead to sweaty hands at the plate. The added moisture can also cause the gloves to dry out. Below we will list our Top 5 Batting Gloves.

  • Under Armor Batting Gloves

Durability seems to be the biggest advantage with these. They are a little bit thicker then most your higher end gloves, but they fit great around the wrist and offer several color options.

  • Louisville Batting Gloves

These high quality batting gloves breathe and dry well while providing a little extra leather between the hands and bat. Also, known for being extremely durable.

  • Evoshield Batting Gloves

A unique batting glove feature is the pocket on the back for shield protection. The backs are made of durable mesh.

  • Nike Batting Gloves

A very popular batting glove made with thin leather for a better feel of the bat. The leather breathes and dries well. There is velcro around the lower part of the wrist for a more custom fit.

Like the Under Armor Batting Gloves, Nike Batting Gloves have no shortage of color options.

  • Franklin CFX Batting Gloves

Made of sheepskin leather and a neoprene bridge for flexibility across the knuckles the CFX also creases well for a comfortable grip.

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