Top 3 Wood Bats and Some FAQ’s to consider before buying


Top 3 wood bats and some FAQ’s to consider before buying:

Top 3 wood bats and some faq's to consider before buying

Where do you find good wood bats? Typically, the best wood bats are purchased online. The grades of wood quality often vary for wood bat companies. The worst grades are sent to sporting goods stores. Online is generally your best bet.

Does the quality of wood really matter when using a wood bat? For longevity purposes it does. The barrel of a lower grade wood bat will begin to chip. Of course, any wood bat is susceptible to breaking.

How much do wood bats cost? You can get a quality wood bat between $50-$100. Many bats are overpriced due to the name on the bat. Keep in mind once you find a quality wood bat that you like it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the most expensive.

Should I buy a wood bat from a well known company? This may be a good option, but keep in mind that very large companies are hustling to keep up with orders. So, you may not be getting their best piece of wood. It is possible a smaller company is consistently putting out a better product. This is just another thing to consider.

Top 3 Wood Bats

 Phoenix Bat Company

Marucci Wood Bat
Louisville Slugger

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