The best sunglasses for playing baseball – See our Top 3


The best sunglasses for playing baseball:

Should players wear sunglasses while playing baseball?

The best sunglasses for playing baseball

Yes. Just watch any pro game on a bright sunny afternoon and you will see the best players on the planet with sunglasses. Besides trying to look good sunglasses have two major benefits. The first is protecting baseball player’s eyes from harmful rays and the second is to reduce the chances of losing the ball in the sun.

Even with sunglasses on players still occasionally lose the ball in the sun. Make sure that if this happens to you that your sunglasses aren’t hanging on your shirt or on your hat.

Before you go buy a pair I would recommend learning about the various colors. For example, green lenses are believed to be good for both cloudy and sunny days. Green will increase contrast.

Both yellow and orange sunglasses are typically best for cloudy days. Although they’re exceptions.

Other colors are mostly for style points, but all lenses will protect the eyes from sand, dirt, and wind.

Some players also like polarized lenses to help minimize glare.

Additionally, be sure the sunglasses fit properly so they don’t bounce or move around while you’re playing. If you look closely at the pros they all have 3 point grips near the nose and temples to help prevent movement. They are also rimless on the bottom so vision isn’t obstructed.

The Best Sunglasses for playing baseball

  1. Under Armour Baseball Sunglasses
  2. Oakley Baseball Sunglasses
  3. Gargoyle Flip Sunglasses

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