Pine Tar on Aluminum Bats? Top 3 Pine Tar Sticks


Should you use pine tar on aluminum bats? How about composite bats? The answer is yes. All bats can use some extra tackiness for added confidence when swinging.

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Our Top 3 Pine Tar Sticks

1. Manny Mota Grip Stick is tops for it’s all-weather durability. It does not melt in the summer and provides plenty of friction in the colder weather. You will see plenty of pros using it, especially in the southern heat.

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2. Tiger’s Stick is another favorite and known for being extra sticky. Check out prices and reviews on Amazon.

3. Pelican Bat Wax also stays very sticky in hot and cold weather. You can check it out below.

Liquid Pine tar is also a viable option. Keep in mind it’s recommended to try several different options to see which ones work best for you. You may like different pine tar for different climates.

Rosin can also be helpful. Keep in mind it doesn’t matter if the Rosin is labeled for pitcher’s. Hitter’s can use the same stuff. One small bag will last all season. Amazon sells it here.

Another key point is that you understand your league rules for applying pine tar. The advantage of pine tar is the improved grip preventing the bat from slipping during swings. It also allows the hitter to loosen his grip, which can help the ball jump more. The Major Leagues only allow batters to apply pine tar 18” up from the handle.

Pine tar on aluminum bats, composite bats and wood bats is strongly recommended at all levels of baseball.

I hope this helps.

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