MLB issues statement regarding ‘Save America’s Pastime Act’


February 13, 2015 MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred during the announcement that Miami Marlins to Host 2017 All-Star Game

While Minor League Baseball previously got behind the Save America’s Pastime Act, Major League Baseball has now issued a statement of their own regarding the matter.

The proposed piece of Congressional legislation would change the already in place Fair Labor Standards Act in order to clarify that minor league players will not be subject to the amendment.

“There are approximately 7,500 players in Minor League Baseball. MLB pays over a half a billion dollars to Minor League players in signing bonuses and salary each year. Minor League clubs could not afford these massive player costs. MLB heavily subsidizes Minor League Baseball by providing Minor League clubs with its players, allowing professional baseball to be played in many communities in the United States that cannot support a Major League franchise. Moreover, for the overwhelming majority of individuals, being a MInor League Baseball player is not a career but a short-term season apprenticeship in which the player either advances to the Major Leagues or pursues another career.”

Leading to the slew of statements and conversations, there is currently a pending lawsuit in the state of California surrounding federal overtime laws that apply to minor league players.

“Minor League Baseball players always have been salaried employees similar to artists, musicians and other creative professionals who are exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act. Like those professionals, it is simply impractical to treat professional athletes as hourly employees whose pay may be determined by such things as how long their games last, when they choose to arrive at the ballpark, how much they practice or condition to stay in shape, and how many promotional or charitable appearances they make.”

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