How to teach your child to throw a baseball


How to teach your child to throw a baseball:


How to teach your child to throw a baseball starts with helping them get a good grip on the ball. Ideally, your child should grip the ball across the seams. If their hand is big enough, two fingers should go across the horseshoe shape. The two seams should be running horizontal. This grip will give the proper 12-6 spin or end over end spin, which helps the ball travel. It takes a lot of practice to quickly grip the ball properly. If your child is very young don’t even worry about it.

Throwing Motion

How to teach your child to throw a baseball

Encourage your child to make a circular motion when throwing. The circular motion will be larger the further or harder they throw. When they take the ball out of the glove it should be a down and around motion instead of a straight back and forward motion. It is critical that your child keeps his hand on top of the ball while bringing it down and around.

Body Angle

After fielding the ball the front shoulder should be pointed towards the target. Young kids tend to square up when throwing. Advise them to “hop on their skateboard” as a reminder to get sideways.

The player should then step towards the target with their lead foot and push off the back leg while using the entire body to throw.


Very young players may step with the wrong foot. You can start by angling  properly and having them throw the ball without stepping. Have them shift their weight from the back leg to their front while throwing.

Another thing to keep in mind is to encourage hard throws with 12-6 rotation.

We recommend these when starting out teaching your child to throw a baseball.


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