How to teach a 2-yr-old to hold a baseball bat


How to teach a 2-yr-old to hold a baseball bat:


First, we can get them in a decent stance. Have them stand with their feet approximately shoulder width apart. Have their feet lined up with the imaginary pitcher and their front shoulder pointed directly at the pitcher. They often will stand with straight legs, but eventually they should have slightly bent knees with their weight close to centered or a little on their back leg. Their chin should nearly be on the front shoulder with both eyes able to see the pitcher.

How to teach a 2-yr-old to hold a baseball bat


Have them put their bottom arm straight out, which would be their left if swinging right-handed. Place the bat in their bottom hand towards the back of the fingers. Don’t bury the bat deep in their palm. Next have them put their right hand on top of the left. Again try not to have it deep in their palm. Have them line up their “knocking knuckles” and keep their hands touching while holding the bat.

If the bat is too heavy simply have them choke up or move their hands up the handle of the bat until they can control the bat comfortably.

Getting ready to swing

Now we can have them bend their knees and bring the bat up to around the height of their back shoulder. You do not need them to have their back elbow up. The important thing is that they keep their hands up when the pitch is coming and not have their back shoulder and hands dip down.


Keep it very basic and fun. Try to have simple words to remind them to make corrections.  For example if their hands start to break apart you could say “touching” and that should remind them to keep their hands together.

Line up the knuckles they would use to knock on a door and make sure the bat is not too heavy. A wiffle ball bat works great starting out. We recommend trying this to build confidence and have fun!

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