Youth Baseball Bat Buying Guide


How to find the right youth baseball bat.

This is a tough one. Obviously, we need a bat they can swing quickly and hold comfortably.

We also need to look at youth bats for sale and get an idea of prices. Are we just looking for this upcoming season or are we hoping to use the bat next year too?

A good starting point would be to check youth baseball bat reviews over at Amazon.

Next we can check some general guidelines. For the older players all aluminum and composite bats should not be more than 3 ounces lighter than the length of the bat. For example, a 33 inches bat should weigh at minimum 30 ounces. This is not the case with the younger kids starting out!

Here is a list for the length of bat by age:

5-7 yrs old – 24-26” Bat Length

8-9 yrs old – 26-28” Bat Length

10 yrs old – 28-29” Bat Length

11-12 yrs old – 30-31” Bat Length

13-14 yrs old – 31-32” Bat Length

15-16 yrs old 32-33” Bat Length

17-18 yrs old – 32-34” Bat Length

Here is a list for baseball bat weight by player size:

8-10 yr olds 48-50” 16-17 oz bat

51-54” 17-18 oz bat

55-59” 18-19 oz bat

60+” 19-20 oz bat

Generally speaking, smaller players will use a lighter bat to maximize bat speed, while bigger players will use heavier bats to maximize power.

There are various types of metal youth baseball bats to consider. Here is a list:

  1. Hybrid Bats – Often made of mixed alloy and carbon.
  2. Composite Bats – Made of composite fibers
  3. Alloy Bats – These consist of aircraft grade alloys such as aluminum.
  4. Half & Half Bats – Bats that have a composite handle and alloy , hybrid or aluminum barrel.

Keep in mind composite bats get better with use. It is recommended to hit 300 – 500 hits to break in the composite bats. Composite bats are typically more expensive, but the end result is often worth it.

One piece bat users believe there is more of a trampoline effect when the ball comes off of the barrel, but the two piece bats have more flex in the handle creating extra whip, which may help with bat speed.

Best Metal Bats

Louisville Slugger Bats

One of the best brands for metal bats. They have composite, aluminum and hybrid youth bats for sale.

Easton Bats

Also one of the best brands for metal bats. They have a wide selection of youth bats for sale.


They consider themselves to be leading the pack with technology in the best metal and composite bats.

Marucci Bats

They have top-of-the-line bats. Period.


This company actually gives you 30 days to try any of their bats and send it back if you don’t like it.

DeMarini Bats

One of the most trusted youth baseball bats around.

So, this information should help, but at the end of the day it’s what feels most comfortable for the player, which requires using several different bats.