Looking for quality catching gear? Check out our top catcher’s gloves and masks


Looking for quality catching gear? Check out our top catcher’s gloves and masks:

Looking for quality catching gear? Check out our top catcher's gloves and masks

  • Leather. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to catcher’s mitts. We don’t want to skimp here and have a flimsy glove. Quality leather has a longer break-in period, but that’s because the leather is stiffer, which means it will last longer. Good leather won’t lose it’s shape and makes that awesome pop of the glove when catching a fastball.
  • Protecting the glove hand. This comes down to personal preference. Some feel it is easier to get the ball out of the mitt with less padding around the palm.
  • Spend a little more for quality. If you buy a good glove it should last the length of two or three cheaper catcher’s mitts. Keep that in mind.
  • Game ready. Some gloves are partly broken in at the factory while others will need broken in by you. You can tell by looking at the % Factory / % Player.

Top 2 Catcher’s Mitts

    • All-star CM3000 series Catchers Mitt
    • Durable
    • Stiff leather
    • Handmade
    • This glove is used by numerous professionals                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Top 2 Catcher’s Masks  

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Our Top 3 Wood Bats and things to consider before buying
The best sunglasses for playing baseball
Top 3 Best hitting aids for baseball


Top 3 Wood Bats and Some FAQ’s to consider before buying


Top 3 wood bats and some FAQ’s to consider before buying:

Top 3 wood bats and some faq's to consider before buying

Where do you find good wood bats? Typically, the best wood bats are purchased online. The grades of wood quality often vary for wood bat companies. The worst grades are sent to sporting goods stores. Online is generally your best bet.

Does the quality of wood really matter when using a wood bat? For longevity purposes it does. The barrel of a lower grade wood bat will begin to chip. Of course, any wood bat is susceptible to breaking.

How much do wood bats cost? You can get a quality wood bat between $50-$100. Many bats are overpriced due to the name on the bat. Keep in mind once you find a quality wood bat that you like it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the most expensive.

Should I buy a wood bat from a well known company? This may be a good option, but keep in mind that very large companies are hustling to keep up with orders. So, you may not be getting their best piece of wood. It is possible a smaller company is consistently putting out a better product. This is just another thing to consider.

Top 3 Wood Bats

 Phoenix Bat Company

Marucci Wood Bat
Louisville Slugger

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The best sunglasses for playing baseball – See our Top 3


The best sunglasses for playing baseball:

Should players wear sunglasses while playing baseball?

The best sunglasses for playing baseball

Yes. Just watch any pro game on a bright sunny afternoon and you will see the best players on the planet with sunglasses. Besides trying to look good sunglasses have two major benefits. The first is protecting baseball player’s eyes from harmful rays and the second is to reduce the chances of losing the ball in the sun.

Even with sunglasses on players still occasionally lose the ball in the sun. Make sure that if this happens to you that your sunglasses aren’t hanging on your shirt or on your hat.

Before you go buy a pair I would recommend learning about the various colors. For example, green lenses are believed to be good for both cloudy and sunny days. Green will increase contrast.

Both yellow and orange sunglasses are typically best for cloudy days. Although they’re exceptions.

Other colors are mostly for style points, but all lenses will protect the eyes from sand, dirt, and wind.

Some players also like polarized lenses to help minimize glare.

Additionally, be sure the sunglasses fit properly so they don’t bounce or move around while you’re playing. If you look closely at the pros they all have 3 point grips near the nose and temples to help prevent movement. They are also rimless on the bottom so vision isn’t obstructed.

The Best Sunglasses for playing baseball

  1. Under Armour Baseball Sunglasses
  2. Oakley Baseball Sunglasses
  3. Gargoyle Flip Sunglasses

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Top 3 Best Hitting Aids for baseball players


Best Hitting Aids:

Hitting aids are essential for helping baseball players reach their full potential. Below we will list three great tools for serious hitters.

Of course, batting tee practice is critical. Click here to read our Baseball Batting Tees Buyer’s Guide.

Best Hitting Aids

One-handed bat

A one-handed bat helps you easily identify and correct weaknesses in your swing by isolating your top and bottom hands. (You can pick one up through Amazon here)

Heavy Bat

A heavier bat will strengthen hands and forearms, which is a must to increase bat speed. It also helps with loosening up before and during games. Your game bat will feel much lighter after hitting with a heavy bat.

How heavy should it be? 2-5 ounces heavier than the length of the bat is ideal. Make sure the bat is not too heavy that it requires you to sacrifice proper mechanics. (Check out Amazon reviews and prices here)

Fungo Bat

Why a fungo bat?  A fungo bat is generally around 10 ounces lighter than a regular bat of the same length. This will promote bat speed by focusing on your fast twitch muscle fibers as you swing the bat through the zone. (Check out Amazon reviews and prices here)

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Top 3 Practice Nets for Baseball


Top 3 Practice Nets For Baseball:

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Top 3 Practice Nets for baseball

Practice nets for baseball provide numerous benefits, which include convenience from chasing baseballs around to allowing indoor practice. Some nets can even be set up in a garage or basement. If you live in a cold weather state then you are probably well aware of the need for indoor baseball practice. Below we will provide our Top 3 practice nets for baseball.

  1. Rukket Baseball Practice Net is a 7 x 7 net and ideal for team or individual use. It is a stabile net capable of handling weighted baseballs both thrown and batted. Any type of baseball or softball drills can be utilized with this net. Featuring a “Big Mouth” pocket to prevent bounce back is an added benefit. The bigger 7 x 7 net area  provides additional safety by reducing misses. Additionally, it travels well fitting in a narrow 4′ bag. Unlike a lot of nets it does come with a strike zone. (You can check out prices and reviews on Amazon right here)
  2. SKLZ Quickster 8 x 8 net. This net comes in a close second due to having the versatility to handle hitting, throwing and pitching. It is a good net for at-home practice and for travel teams. The strike zone is removable. Like the Rukket stability is paramount allowing virtually any type of baseball practice net work. It does have the safer 8 x 8 for minimizing misses. This practice baseball net does travel well by fitting in a slim gear bag. (You can check out prices and reviews on Amazon right here)
  3. Heavy Duty 10 x 10 is great for working out at home, but is literally just the net and not anything that holds it. The price is great if you have a good location to hang it. This net is also capable of handling batted balls or throws. It is larger than most, which is nice if you’re working out indoors. You won’t be traveling with this net so ideally you would hang it once and just leave it. (Click here to purchase through Amazon)

Pine Tar on Aluminum Bats? Top 3 Pine Tar Sticks


Should you use pine tar on aluminum bats? How about composite bats? The answer is yes. All bats can use some extra tackiness for added confidence when swinging.

Believeland Shirts - Pine Tar on aluminum bats
Believeland Shirts

Our Top 3 Pine Tar Sticks

1. Manny Mota Grip Stick is tops for it’s all-weather durability. It does not melt in the summer and provides plenty of friction in the colder weather. You will see plenty of pros using it, especially in the southern heat.

You can check out prices and reviews on Amazon right here.

2. Tiger’s Stick is another favorite and known for being extra sticky. Check out prices and reviews on Amazon.

3. Pelican Bat Wax also stays very sticky in hot and cold weather. You can check it out below.

Liquid Pine tar is also a viable option. Keep in mind it’s recommended to try several different options to see which ones work best for you. You may like different pine tar for different climates.

Rosin can also be helpful. Keep in mind it doesn’t matter if the Rosin is labeled for pitcher’s. Hitter’s can use the same stuff. One small bag will last all season. Amazon sells it here.

Another key point is that you understand your league rules for applying pine tar. The advantage of pine tar is the improved grip preventing the bat from slipping during swings. It also allows the hitter to loosen his grip, which can help the ball jump more. The Major Leagues only allow batters to apply pine tar 18” up from the handle.

Pine tar on aluminum bats, composite bats and wood bats is strongly recommended at all levels of baseball.

I hope this helps.

Looking for more information on grip? check out our Top 5 Batting Gloves

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Top 5 Batting Gloves Featured – Today’s Baseball Buying Guide


A key part of being comfortable at the plate is having the right batting gloves. These Top 5 Batting gloves are  important pieces of equipment and should provide a solid relationship between your grip and the bat. Don’t skimp here. Many cheaper batting gloves can rip or tear. They also are often thicker, which can lead to sweaty hands at the plate. The added moisture can also cause the gloves to dry out. Below we will list our Top 5 Batting Gloves.

  • Under Armor Batting Gloves

Durability seems to be the biggest advantage with these. They are a little bit thicker then most your higher end gloves, but they fit great around the wrist and offer several color options.

  • Louisville Batting Gloves

These high quality batting gloves breathe and dry well while providing a little extra leather between the hands and bat. Also, known for being extremely durable.

  • Evoshield Batting Gloves

A unique batting glove feature is the pocket on the back for shield protection. The backs are made of durable mesh.

  • Nike Batting Gloves

A very popular batting glove made with thin leather for a better feel of the bat. The leather breathes and dries well. There is velcro around the lower part of the wrist for a more custom fit.

Like the Under Armor Batting Gloves, Nike Batting Gloves have no shortage of color options.

  • Franklin CFX Batting Gloves

Made of sheepskin leather and a neoprene bridge for flexibility across the knuckles the CFX also creases well for a comfortable grip.

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Need a batting tee? We can help. Check out our Top Six Tees Buying Guide



Baseball Batting Tees Buyer’s Guide – Top Six Tees


All baseball players should hit off batting tees. If Major League players do, don’t you think everybody should? Of course, and it’s a critical part of your baseball training. With that in mind, here are our Top Six Batting Tees in our Baseball Tee Buying Guide.

  1. Tanner Heavy – Check prices and reviews on Amazon
  2. G Tee – Check prices and reviews on Amazon
  3. Schutt Swing Rite Dual Tee – Check prices and reviews on Amazon
  4. Jugs 5-point Hitting Tee – Check prices and reviews on Amazon
  5. Rawlings Travel Tee Pro – Check prices and reviews on Amazon
  6. Original Tanner Tee – Check prices and Reviews on Amazon

In the #1 spot the Tanner Heavy Tees offer increased stability and versatility. You can easily simulate pitch-placement with this tee, which is essential for any good batting tee routine.

This tee also does not move around with each swing or “tee walk” as many do. There is no need to add extra weight to the base to keep it from inching forward.

The weather resistant batting tee also features a telescoping stem allowing for easy height adjustments. As an added bonus all Tanner Tee stems are interchangeable.

Our #2 Top Batting Tee the G Tee is well known to be a great travel tee. It also features a telescoping stem allowing for hitting at different heights. There is a notch for a barbell weight to prevent the tee from inching forward.

The #3 Top Batting Tee uniquely named the Schutt Swing Rite Dual Tee is not made for traveling due to being bulky. It is great if it will be left in one area or facility. Some of the features include 48 holes to place the tees in the base allowing for simulating inside and outside pitches.

The Jugs 5-point Hitting Tee claims the #4 spot. It is made of heavy duty rubber capable of withstanding a beating. You can simulate locations by placing the stem in one of the 5 anchors.

The #5 Top Batting Tee is the Rawlings Travel Tee Pro. This tee is very easy to travel with and is priced lower than most tees.

Finally, our Original Tanner Tee rounds out our Top 6 Batting Tees. This proven tee travels well by featuring a lightweight telescoping shaft. This tee is reasonably priced and said to be the most used batting tee in professional baseball.



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Youth Baseball Bat Buying Guide


How to find the right youth baseball bat.

This is a tough one. Obviously, we need a bat they can swing quickly and hold comfortably.

We also need to look at youth bats for sale and get an idea of prices. Are we just looking for this upcoming season or are we hoping to use the bat next year too?

A good starting point would be to check youth baseball bat reviews over at Amazon.

Next we can check some general guidelines. For the older players all aluminum and composite bats should not be more than 3 ounces lighter than the length of the bat. For example, a 33 inches bat should weigh at minimum 30 ounces. This is not the case with the younger kids starting out!

Here is a list for the length of bat by age:

5-7 yrs old – 24-26” Bat Length

8-9 yrs old – 26-28” Bat Length

10 yrs old – 28-29” Bat Length

11-12 yrs old – 30-31” Bat Length

13-14 yrs old – 31-32” Bat Length

15-16 yrs old 32-33” Bat Length

17-18 yrs old – 32-34” Bat Length

Here is a list for baseball bat weight by player size:

8-10 yr olds 48-50” 16-17 oz bat

51-54” 17-18 oz bat

55-59” 18-19 oz bat

60+” 19-20 oz bat

Generally speaking, smaller players will use a lighter bat to maximize bat speed, while bigger players will use heavier bats to maximize power.

There are various types of metal youth baseball bats to consider. Here is a list:

  1. Hybrid Bats – Often made of mixed alloy and carbon.
  2. Composite Bats – Made of composite fibers
  3. Alloy Bats – These consist of aircraft grade alloys such as aluminum.
  4. Half & Half Bats – Bats that have a composite handle and alloy , hybrid or aluminum barrel.

Keep in mind composite bats get better with use. It is recommended to hit 300 – 500 hits to break in the composite bats. Composite bats are typically more expensive, but the end result is often worth it.

One piece bat users believe there is more of a trampoline effect when the ball comes off of the barrel, but the two piece bats have more flex in the handle creating extra whip, which may help with bat speed.

Best Metal Bats

Louisville Slugger Bats

One of the best brands for metal bats. They have composite, aluminum and hybrid youth bats for sale.

Easton Bats

Also one of the best brands for metal bats. They have a wide selection of youth bats for sale.


They consider themselves to be leading the pack with technology in the best metal and composite bats.

Marucci Bats

They have top-of-the-line bats. Period.


This company actually gives you 30 days to try any of their bats and send it back if you don’t like it.

DeMarini Bats

One of the most trusted youth baseball bats around.

So, this information should help, but at the end of the day it’s what feels most comfortable for the player, which requires using several different bats.