Top 3 Best Hitting Aids for baseball players


Best Hitting Aids:

Hitting aids are essential for helping baseball players reach their full potential. Below we will list three great tools for serious hitters.

Of course, batting tee practice is critical. Click here to read our Baseball Batting Tees Buyer’s Guide.

Best Hitting Aids

One-handed bat

A one-handed bat helps you easily identify and correct weaknesses in your swing by isolating your top and bottom hands. (You can pick one up through Amazon here)

Heavy Bat

A heavier bat will strengthen hands and forearms, which is a must to increase bat speed. It also helps with loosening up before and during games. Your game bat will feel much lighter after hitting with a heavy bat.

How heavy should it be? 2-5 ounces heavier than the length of the bat is ideal. Make sure the bat is not too heavy that it requires you to sacrifice proper mechanics. (Check out Amazon reviews and prices here)

Fungo Bat

Why a fungo bat?  A fungo bat is generally around 10 ounces lighter than a regular bat of the same length. This will promote bat speed by focusing on your fast twitch muscle fibers as you swing the bat through the zone. (Check out Amazon reviews and prices here)

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