Baseball Batting Tees Buyer’s Guide – Top Six Tees


All baseball players should hit off batting tees. If Major League players do, don’t you think everybody should? Of course, and it’s a critical part of your baseball training. With that in mind, here are our Top Six Batting Tees in our Baseball Tee Buying Guide.

  1. Tanner Heavy – Check prices and reviews on Amazon
  2. G Tee – Check prices and reviews on Amazon
  3. Schutt Swing Rite Dual Tee – Check prices and reviews on Amazon
  4. Jugs 5-point Hitting Tee – Check prices and reviews on Amazon
  5. Rawlings Travel Tee Pro – Check prices and reviews on Amazon
  6. Original Tanner Tee – Check prices and Reviews on Amazon

In the #1 spot the Tanner Heavy Tees offer increased stability and versatility. You can easily simulate pitch-placement with this tee, which is essential for any good batting tee routine.

This tee also does not move around with each swing or “tee walk” as many do. There is no need to add extra weight to the base to keep it from inching forward.

The weather resistant batting tee also features a telescoping stem allowing for easy height adjustments. As an added bonus all Tanner Tee stems are interchangeable.

Our #2 Top Batting Tee the G Tee is well known to be a great travel tee. It also features a telescoping stem allowing for hitting at different heights. There is a notch for a barbell weight to prevent the tee from inching forward.

The #3 Top Batting Tee uniquely named the Schutt Swing Rite Dual Tee is not made for traveling due to being bulky. It is great if it will be left in one area or facility. Some of the features include 48 holes to place the tees in the base allowing for simulating inside and outside pitches.

The Jugs 5-point Hitting Tee claims the #4 spot. It is made of heavy duty rubber capable of withstanding a beating. You can simulate locations by placing the stem in one of the 5 anchors.

The #5 Top Batting Tee is the Rawlings Travel Tee Pro. This tee is very easy to travel with and is priced lower than most tees.

Finally, our Original Tanner Tee rounds out our Top 6 Batting Tees. This proven tee travels well by featuring a lightweight telescoping shaft. This tee is reasonably priced and said to be the most used batting tee in professional baseball.



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